IES Abroad Buenos Aires Summer- Language & Argentine Studies
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IES Abroad Buenos Aires Summer- Language & Argentine Studies

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9/ 10

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An unforgettable summer in Buenos Aires

This past summer I studied abroad for 6 weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina through IES Abroad. From the moment I arrived in the airport until the day I left, I felt supported and encouraged from IES Abroad staff. At the airport, I received an alfajor, and this classic Argentinian snack became my after-lunch dessert everyday—for better or for worse. IES Abroad provided myself and the other people in the program with entertainment ranging from a tango show (after having an exciting tango lesson) to Fuerza Bruta (an immersive experience) to a rugby game. Through intimate dinners with my host family and classes most days, I truly started to understand and appreciate Argentinian culture. My teachers at the IES Abroad center cared about my interests and explained the daily customs of Buenos Aires. Even with planned activities spread throughout the 6 weeks, I still had time to explore Buenos Aires after class and on the weekends. We even went to Iguazu Falls early on—a site I will never forget. Whether visiting Barrio Chino, Café Tortoni, or Teatro Colón, I felt a part of Buenos Aires. Coming from Los Angeles, I knew how to live in a city, but Buenos Aires was like no other. My homestay was in Recoleta, surrounded by tall buildings and storefronts. On my walk to school each day, I marveled at the busy streets and crowded taxis. I lived off the energy around me. As for my Spanish, I realized I can live in a Spanish-speaking city, whether that involves hailing a taxi, doing my laundry, or ordering at the local café. The program supported me and the staff constantly made sure that I was enjoying my experience through discussions where we could be open about any problems we had faced. The team at IES Abroad always gave us recommendations for restaurants and weekend activities; I never had a dull moment in my 6 weeks. I cannot recommend studying abroad enough, but more so studying abroad with IES Abroad, as they care about their students and understand the difficulties that come with living in a different country.