20 Hour Foundation TEFL/TESOL Course
i-to-i TEFL participant i-to-i TEFL participant

20 Hour Foundation TEFL/TESOL Course


Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and 2 other cities
Canada: Toronto, Vancouver
China: Beijing, Hong Kong
France: Paris
Germany: Cologne
Ireland: Dublin
Italy: Florence, Milan
Japan: Tokyo
Multiple Countries
Netherlands: The Hague
New Zealand: Auckland
Singapore: Singapore City
South Africa: Cape Town, Durban
Spain: Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid and 2 other cities
Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket

Participation Guidelines

Worldwide Participants.

Cost in USD per week

Contact Provider for Cost Details

Program Includes:

* An internationally recognised 20 hour TEFL certificate Find out more
* Courses available across the country
* FREE TEFL course book
* More than 8,000 job contacts worldwide
* FREE lifetime TEFL advice
* FREE lesson plans

Language Skills Required

  • English

Experience Required



There are few barriers to getting TEFL/TESOL certified, here it is in short:

* You must be a native English speaker or near native in your proficiency, this means that you would make minimal errors in English during the course

* Some teaching destinations such as South Korea require you have a degree, however registration onto the course does not require this, nor do the majority of teaching jobs

* You do NOT need to speak the local language