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Founded in 2013 by Tom Kennedy and Debbie Flynn, Homestay.com has been providing first-hand experience of the cultures of regions of the world by encouraging international guests to live with one of more than 50,000 host families all over the globe. Just within four years, we have received 90 percent four-star and higher reviews from guests who are satisfied with our services. Helping you achieve your travel goals beyond becoming a tourist without spending a large amount of money, we take you to Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, or the United States while looking at the places through the natives’ eyes and experiencing how these locals live day to day. Whether you are a child or someone who is young at heart, we provide you with travel that makes you feel different in a good way but still make you feel like you have not left your home, and change you into a better individual with a purpose.

Homestay.com Programs

Stay with a local - Book a room anywhere in the world

Homestay.com is an accommodation marketplace that connects guests with live-in hosts who open their homes to all kinds of short, medium or long-term guests in over 150 countries. Your host can give you the inside scoop on what to do, where to go, the best places to eat and ...

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