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Homestay Student Program


China: Guangzhou, Guiyang, Kunming and 2 other cities


Throughout the year

Travel Types

  • Homestay

Minimum Education

High School

Subject Areas

  • Chinese Language
  • Culture

Cost in US$:

Free of charge

Program Fees Include:

* Full board and lodging with Chinese host family
* 750 RMB pocket money per month
* 2 x 45 minutes Chinese classes on weekdays at our partner language school
* Culture courses
* Chinese corner at Moondog (a very popular bar in Kunming)
* Free travelling with the family
* One and a half days off per week, one weekend off per month, 3 days of paid vacation every three months
* Airfare reimbursement up to 5000 RMB (1250 RMB for 3 month-length, 2500 RMB for 6 month-length and 5000 RMB for 12 month-length if you are not already in Kunming when applying)
* insurance package
* Full assistance with all formalities
* Welcome package with a guidebook, map, bus card, sim card

Experience Required


This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants.

Participants Travel


Typically Participants Work


Application Process Involves

  • Letters of Reference
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Physical Exam/Health Records
  • Online Application
  • Disciplinary Clearance Form

Typically The Application Process Time is

1 month

Post Services Include

  • Exit Debriefing Abroad