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Homestay Hindi Language Immersion Program in Jaipur, India

Hindi Hour is a Hindi language school in Jaipur, India. It offers intensive language study in Hindi and a three-week to four-week homestay that can further facilitate cross-cultural...

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Hindi learning and a memorable home stay in Jaipur

Shachi is an excellent Hindi teacher: I learnt a lot in just three weeks. She is very good at explaining grammatical concepts clearly, and obviously loves her work. She was very good at coping with students who were at different stages/levels, and very flexible, for example teaching me through transliteration/Roman script only, not minding that I didn’t want to learn devanagri script. The conversation classes with the other teachers complement the grammar input well.

AND the homestay element was really nice: I stayed in Shachi’s home and got to know her charming family really well. And the food was FANTASTIC! My package was Rs. 40000 for 3 weeks inclusive of all.

Bowman, UK

Program: Homestay Hindi Language Immersion Program in Jaipur, India