Volunteer with Orphans and Underprivileged Kids in Tanzania
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Volunteer with Orphans and Underprivileged Kids in Tanzania

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I had the chance to volunteer in Tanzania with the organization help2kids. It was really easy for me to decide that I wanted to go to Tanzania. All my questions were answered quickly and in a helpful way. I didn't have any doubts before going abroad and I was right. Everything went smoothly and I was welcomed friendly at the guest house. Having many other volunteers from different countries around me was really helpful for getting around in Dar es Salaam and getting to the projects and back with public transportation. There are different projects you can take part in. In the morning, I was working with children at a Daycare center teaching them basic English and helping the teacher with taking care of them. In the afternoon, I was teaching English with other volunteers and teachers to adults who were mostly fishermen. The locals are very friendly and grateful for any help we can give them. They appreciate everyone and everything which is why, becoming friends and feeling like a family, was natural. I was sleeping in a dormitory with other volunteers. The beds are all equipped with mosquito nets so you don't have to bring one with you. The "mamas" are very kind and really good cooks. The guest house is really big so that you can have some me-time whenever you want but still enjoy the time with other volunteers and staff.

I enjoyed every single minute in Tanzania and would recommend the organization help2kids to everyone. The projects are very transparent and you know what you are working on. Tanzania is also a very safe country, despite some reports on the internet. Everyone is very kind and ready to help. I always felt that my work is appreciated which made me feel very emotional when having to say goodbye. It is definitely a life experience anyone should try out. I'm hoping to go back next year for a longer period of time. Last time was the first time I took part in a project abroad. I wished I could've stayed longer since time passes by really fast. For anyone who's going abroad as a volunteer for the first time, I would recommend to stay longer because you will never regret it. On the contrary, you will be really sad for leaving so soon.

Generally speaking, I think help2kids is offering really good projects to volunteers. The best part, in my opinion, is that yes, volunteers are needed but they make sure that locals can also work on the projects which helps the economy of Tanzania as well.

So... Don't think further and go to Tanzania with help2kids!