Intern Sustainable Community Manager in Hawaii
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Intern Sustainable Community Manager in Hawaii

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Interning in a Hawaiian eco-community

Hedonisia caught my eye while I was looking for a fun, yet productive adventure for my last summer as a college undergraduate. I read about all the different aspects of Hedonisia and was immediately intrigued. I applied for the internship program, had a phone conversation with the community director, was accepting into the intern training program and booked my flight! I arrived in Hawaii to open arms and a friendly environment.
As an intern, your weekly work requirements are just two days per week. These two days are long and full of work, but leave you a majority of the week to do whatever you feel. During my stay I learned a lot about sustainable living, community living, feminism, green building, permaculture, hospitality and tourism management, entrepreneurship, communication, and so much more. I enjoyed it so much I came back a second time after I graduated! It's a fun environment with an energy of people constantly coming and going from around the world. There are always people up for an adventure to go check one of the many amazing sites of the Big Island, or to just hang out and have interesting conversation in the barn.
Hedonisia does a great job of balancing a strong sense of community while at the same time respecting people as individuals. All of this is made possible by strong core community principles and guidelines that are always evolving to fit the community needs. No matter what reason draws you to Hedonisia, you will have an amazing time and meet a lot of amazing people.