Volunteer Health Project in Mexico
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Volunteer Health Project in Mexico

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Healthcare abroad

Whether you come from a background in healthcare/dealing with people with disabilities or not, this project will open you up to a whole new world. Volunteering in a small school set up by local mothers who wished to provide their children with disabilities better educational opportunities, the love and care that is expressed through every therapy, every lesson, will stay with you forever. You will learn a huge range of new skills and likely have the opportunity to also visit other local GVI projects (childcare, vet project) depending on your length of stay.
The opportunity to experience a new culture and learn a new language is unforgettable and grows you as a person whether you are a mature, well-traveled volunteer, or have never left your home town.
Playa as a location is stunningly beautiful, well-equipped and full of everything you need to enjoy your days and weekends. Close to beautiful cenotes and islands full of treasures, ruins and nearby beach towns offer a huge range of day trips or weekend ventures.

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