Greece Sea Turtle Conservation Short Term Internship
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Greece Sea Turtle Conservation Short Term Internship

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GVI intern Greece

I’m a second-year student at Bournemouth university, during my time here I have to do a placement for 10 weeks over first and second year. I decided to take my time abroad and look into conservation and the ways that different conservation issues are affecting the lives of different endangered animals.
I decided to take my travels to Greece in hope of working with the endangered loggerhead sea turtle. On the day I arrived I was welcomed by three of the GVI staff. It was a warm and friendly welcome making me feel part of the GVI family as soon as I landed. I went to find the rest of the volunteers and interns and met a few of the people I would be spending the next six weeks with.
Once we arrived in camp we told where our tents were and our routine for the next day, although I was nervous, I was extremely excited and everyone showed me exactly what we had to do. We were told about the different surveys we would be helping on such as:
• Morning survey
o Nest
o Relocation
o Predation
o Wash
o Inundation
• Night survey
• Hatchlings on morning survey
• Data base
• Shading
• Nest check
• Excavation
Every survey I was on was a completely different experience and you never knew what you were going to find, one of my favourite memories was walking down the beach when one of the other volunteers shouted “ HATCHLINGS”, 12 tiny hatchlings, the size of matchboxes, were moving towards the sea! We had to shade them and make sure they got to sea! Watching them swim off and knowing that they had made it was fantastic!!!
The range of different people that I shared my Greek experience with means I now know people from all over the world who are as passionate about conservation as I am, and I have made friends for life. It was an amazing experience which I never wanted to end and would recommend to anyone interested in this area. Thank you my GVI family. I had a truly amazing 6 weeks living in a tent on a beach in Greece, learning so much about myself and the wonderful world around me.

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