Paid Teaching Jobs in China - No Degree Necessary
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Paid Teaching Jobs in China - No Degree Necessary

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Real jobs and moving help for those who wants to teach abroad

Hi! There are a lot of offer out there and I personally got lost at the time. Lots of the job offers you will see for English teaching job abroad will not include what I call the "after sales service", i.e. wont help you get the paperwork before you leave or would not offer help once your start teaching like housing search etc. Moving to another continent being a big deal to me, I was seeking some kind of support to help me go through the whole process. So I kept on looking and landed on an agency website. I was skeptical.

They were promising a lot, offered of incentive and support. It seem too good to be true, but I decided to start the process to see what the catch might be. Good Teachers Union actually did what was advertised on their website, and did a great job on supporting me through the whole process and follow up after I started teaching. That's why I would highly recommend them if you are seeking an English Teacher Job in China.