South Africa - Big Cat Refuge

by GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

Volunteer with rescued big cats at a sanctuary in South Africa! These big cats have been rescued from breeding centers that stole them away from their mothers when they were cubs. Due to their captive upbringing, these cats cannot be returned to the wild. Help these cats live a more natural, enjoyable life at the sanctuary.

Volunteers will prepare food for the big cats, make enrichment toys and educate visitors on the current threats to these creatures. Volunteers should be passionate about animal conservation and animal rights and be prepared to make a positive impact in the lives of these rescued animals.

Program Highlights

Provide love and care for rescued animals.

Help around the 98-acre sanctuary to provide a natural-feeling habitat for these cats.

Make enrichment toys for the big cats to keep them happy and active.

Prepare food for feeding these beautiful creatures.

Educate visitors and the community on the harmful effects of breeding centers and canned hunting.

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Program Details

  • Age Requirement Varies
  • Contact Provider for Cost Details
  • No
  • South Africa: Rural Areas

  • Causes

    Animal Welfare


  • Program Duration

    1-2 Weeks

    2-4 Weeks

    5-8 Weeks

    9-12 Weeks

    Year(s) Offered

    Year Round

  • Age Requirement Varies

  • Worldwide

  • Contact Provider for Cost Details

  • Accommodations
    Groceries for breakfast preparation

  • Guest House

  • Experience Required


  • Online Application


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