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Israel - Odem Forest Hostel Internship

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10/ 10

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Freedom, Intensity, Wildeness, Peaceful...this is the Hai Bar Natural Reserve

I didn't know that I was going to find so much when I was leaving to
Israel, to the Hai Bar Natural Reserve.
I didn't know that I was going to meet an amazing country, beautiful
land so varied from Tel Aviv which is a modern, young city to
Jerusalem a cultural old city full of interesting cultures and
different religions. After few days around the big cities I left from
Jerusalem to the Hai Bar Natural Reserve and from that day was an
other story. I think is was something like a love story.
I suddently arrived in the middle of the Arava Desert, but still half
an hour from Eilat and of course from the Red Sea, so it was a
strategic place. Every morning I woke up before the sunrise, around 5
a.m. to be ready to work with a cool whether, not too hot as it's
august in Israel. Day by day I started to learn how to work with the
animal, how to feed them, cleaning their cages, check if everything
was in right place. I was always with some Rangers so I learnt from
them and I was never on my own. We work with many different kind of
animals from turtles, mice, beds to leopards, ienas, wolfs and the
animals in the safari like orix, ostrich and many others. I met very
friendly and motiveted volunteers from other countries and we had an
amazing time and a lot of fun. I could write a lot about my great
experience in this program but I would like only to say that the Hai
Bar and Eilat is a place where you can THINK about yourself, you can
BE yourself, be WILD, you LEARN a lot and for the last but not least
you can have so much FUN.