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Costa Rica - Community Development in Rural Areas

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9/ 10

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Helping at a Home for Children in Costa Rica

I am a single woman with a career who wanted to do something different with time off. My decision to work at the orphanage in Costa Rica was the best decision I've made. Volunteer-tourism is a great way to go. This particular program was great for several reasons. From the time I landed in San Jose and was picked up at the airport, I was taken care of. The home-stay and the staff at the host organization were exceptional. They connected me with the orphanage, helped with my work there, and put me in touch with Costa Rican culture in a way that I never would have experienced as a tourist. The orphange itself, really a home for abandoned children, opened my eyes to how Costa Ricans serve their needy and allowed me to serve in a way that suited my skills. The program was also flexible enough to allow me to explore Costa Rica. So much to say and not enough space! Long story short --- I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Great people, well organized, and a great opportunity to help in a real way.