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From Siem Riep to Samroang!

If you are reading this, chances are you are probably looking for a way to stand out as a college health-school applicant like me. I took the opportunity during the dry season (when it is not so hot) to visit Samrong, Cambodia not only as a way to gain insight to the medical environment in developing countries, but also as a cultural experience. Here, the people are extremely friendly and open. Local doctors allow even the most inexperienced of volunteers a way to make a difference, whether that is treating dress wounds on injured patients or by helping them on more complicated surgeries, such as a c-section or stitching. I think two weeks is enough time to see just about everything in the hospital, although three weeks may provide for an opportunity to see some of the rarer events like a c-section multiple times. On the weekends, there is no mandatory work, so volunteers often visit the local temples in Siem Reap. Other volunteers can be found in the volunteer complex, so after work-hours are never boring. Be sure to bring lots of bug spray!