Go Volunteer Africa Program Opportunities


Volunteer Work in Kenya: Go Volunteer Africa

Travel to Kenya where you will share your time and skills with the natives of a diverse country in the heart of the savannah! Go Volunteer Africa offers volunteering opportunities...

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Volunteer Abroad in Zanzibar: Go Volunteer Africa

You can now volunteer abroad in Zanzibar with Go Volunteer Africa. Take part in a project that matches your skills and interests, from teaching English to children in primary...

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Volunteer Program in Tanzania: Go Volunteer Africa

Travel to Tanzania where you will gain a stimulating and life-changing experience through volunteer placements. These are offered by Go Volunteer Africa in partnership with...

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Volunteer Projects in Uganda: Go Volunteer Africa

Travel to Uganda and contribute to volunteer projects offered by Go Volunteer Africa together with local NGOs. Placements are in community development, hospitals, schools,...

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Volunteer Opportunities in Ethiopia: Go Volunteer Africa

Volunteer opportunities in Ethiopia offered by Go Volunteer Africa fall into some of the following main Arenas: • Community Development – placements might be building...

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Volunteer Positions in Ghana: Go Volunteer Africa

Whether you are interested in volunteer positions with an orphanage, HIV/AIDS project, wildlife, Conservation, gap year, culture exchange, or you simply want to gain professional...

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Volunteer Placements in Rwanda: Go Volunteer Africa

Spend an enriching time in Rwanda through volunteer placements offered by Go Volunteer Africa in partnership with local organizations. We are committed to making these programs...

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