Mandarin Program at Shanghai Jiaotong University
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Mandarin Program at Shanghai Jiaotong University

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8 weeks at Shanghai Jiaotong University

I study at a university in Vermont and my major is Chinese language and literature studies. Going to China is a requirement in my course, and this was the first I went there. My school has already decided that I need to go to Shanghai Jiaotong. While I was browsing and researching how to get there, I found Go Abroad China on the internet and they were one of the companies I really got interested in because I noticed that they had some cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong.

I got a response from Go Abroad China pretty quickly, and since I was applying close to my desired start time, they really did a fantastic job to help me get the arrangement quickly before the deadline. We communicated via email and skype mostly and everything went relatively smoothly.

They provided me with a lot of info about what I can expect when I get to the university, I could also get credit transfer, which is really important because I needed it.

When I got to Shanghai, I got picked up right from the airport, the lady took me to my new apartment in the city and taught me how to use the public transport to get to school. Because I am already fluent in Chinese, I didn't get a really hard time but I must admit people in China speak very quickly. On my campus back in Vermont, we still speak Chinese here and there after class but actually in Shanghai I was speaking more than I normally do back home.

My apartment was 3 bedroom apartment and I shared with 2 other Chinese people. Ideally I was hoping for something much better but I couldn't afford it.

With my university course, I think I will probably come to China once more before I graduate. I can't wait!