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Nicaragua: Intro to Pre-Med & Public Health

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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For those who want adventure

This is what Global Works categorizes on their website as a "Summer Service Adventure." And every part of this title is accurate. This 17 day Premed/Public Health trip occurs during summer in Nicaragua. Don't forget to pack sunscreen and bug spray. It involves meaningful community service. You might shadow local physicians in clinics, help renovate a water tank in a rural village, and build a playground for children at a school. It involves being adventurous. Shop at a market. Stay with a local family. Go zip-lining over the rainforest. Put all of these elements together and you have an experience to remember. I traveled six weeks ago, and since then I have felt a fresh cultural awareness, an increased confidence in my abilities, and a desire to emulate the strength and goodwill of the people I encountered. As far as regrets about the trip? My host mom's handmade tortillas were so good that I now criticize the ones I'm forced to buy in the U.S. A valuable experience for any adventurous high school student.
(P.S. You do not need premed experience or Spanish skills to go on this trip. If it sounds great to you, and you're willing to learn, go ahead. Happy traveling!)