GLA Tanzania/Kilimanjaro: Heart & Soul of Africa
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GLA Tanzania/Kilimanjaro: Heart & Soul of Africa

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9/ 10

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Most amazing and memorable time in Tanzania this past summer

I could not be more grateful for my time with Global Leadership Adventures over this past summer. They gave me such a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in true African culture- every weekday we were brought to the local school and taught English to the students, played with them during their recess, and helped plant over a hundred trees surrounding their school. We also spent a nice amount of time with host families from the area that our home base was in; we walked around the town, went to their market, visited a hanging bridge, saw their homes, and interacted with the people all throughout the town. That was probably my favorite part about the whole trip. I was overwhelmed by how welcoming and kind everyone was. Everywhere you went, people would always greet you with a wide smile. Between all of the many amazing and interactive activities that GLA had planned for us, we were also given a good amount of down time at the home base. My group as a whole was rather close from the beginning- we would spend our nights out at the Gazebo playing games and finding out new things about each other. I remember one night in specific- the power went out at the home base (had been going out off and on for the past week) and a few of my friends and I just layed out on the grass and looked up at the stars. It was so peaceful. Reflecting on this journey now, there's nothing that I would've wanted to do differently (except stay longer of course:)) I went on the three week program and am so glad that i decided to do so. Two weeks would've just been much too short. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who has a desire to travel and immerse their self into a whole new world. Asante Sana (thank you very much) Global Leadership Adventures for this amazing opportunity and Nakupenda (I love you) Tanzania <3 .