Academic Internship Program in London
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Academic Internship Program in London

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10/ 10

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My London Experience

GE kept saying it was going to be a great experience having the opportunity to go abroad. I had this opportunity two years ago when I did a year abroad in Milan, but honestly, as much as I love and miss each one of my friends in Milan, London has my heart now. I met my best friend there. I worked 9 hrs per day, something that was quite a challenge, but the biggest one, was writing for the fashion industry. Besides the internship, which it was great, thanks H for that, my co-workers and bosses were amazing. Great people at LG, if I could go back, I will, saving money to go to the city that has everything in one place. You will never get bored, you will always meet thousands of people from different cultures and you will definitely, believe me, definitely meet people.

I went to London by myself, I'm not gonna lie, I was indeed a bit scared, 'cause English is my second language and working 40 hrs per week in an english environment was going to be a challenge, but I manage to survive and do great about it. I'm proud and happy that I had the opportunity with GE to do an internship in London. If you decide to go by yourself, do it, that's the best thing to do, 'cause you are forced to open up and meet people, 'cause it's either that or being lonely.

I was the only Latin girl in the program, and I'm proud I changed the way people think about Mexico. As you travel you meet thousands of people that will change your life and you probably changed theirs.

I'm happy I made the right decision of choosing GE! I hope you do too!
X, M