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Kenya Baby and Infant Care in Nairobi

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9/ 10

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Different, but amazing!

The project as a whole was an amazing experience. I loved the country, the people I met and the general atmosphere in Kenya. If I had to describe the country in one word, it would be CRAZY! The orphanage we worked at was great, I loved talking to the housemothers who made me feel very welcome. Working with the kids, despite being hard was very worthwhile and I fell in love with every single baby at our centre! Imani in general is such an amazing organisation and I feel really lucky to have met the founders and found out their life stories and inspiration to start Imani and how it grew gradually. George, our Kenya co-ordinator, was brilliant. He made sure everything was available to us and explained everything. He was always at hand to comfort my mother if I didn't contact her quick enough. I felt very welcomed as they provided us with amazing food each time we went to their house and they invited us around whenever we wanted to. Very friendly! Our host, Ephantus was also very hospitable. We had a big, clean room to share. Were given nice food every day with fresh bowl of fruits and we were introduced to a real Kenyan lifestyle, which was amazing. Different, but amazing!