Volunteer at an Elephant Camp, Thailand
ELI volunteers bathing the elephants ELI volunteers bathing the elephants

Volunteer at an Elephant Camp, Thailand

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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It was an awesome experience

During the application process the coordinators helped me for months in advanced to help place me in the best program. Malissa was the one who set up my program, she was lovely and very helpful, answered all my questions

The orientation lasted 2 days. I thought it was great. It gets you settled in and lets you see the city where you are staying and meet other volunteers in a fun way.

I spent 125 hours/week volunteering in the Elephant Camp program. The placement makes good use of your time if you take the initiative to get involved with other things otherwise you could probably be left with little to do. The on-site supervisor is great, he is really friendly and took us on lots of activities in our spare time.

I’ll describe a typical day at the placement:
Wake up early, walk to your elephants stall clean up elephant dung and sweep enclosure with your mahout, ride elephant to the bath where you give them a bath, then have breakfast and either watch the show or teach in the local school, then make vitamins and feed them to the elephants, have lunch and then free time where jin took us on different activities, like making the dung paper, visiting the hill tribe village, going ziplining, white water rafting, walks around the village etc, afternoon bath time or mud bath with your elephant and mahout and then shower free time and head to dinner.

The accommodations were awesome! It was right next to the river and I got to wake up to the sound of elephants every morning.
A few of us got infected bites at the camp and our Local Contact took us to the doctor.