Legal Internship Program in Dublin
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Legal Internship Program in Dublin

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10/ 10

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Definitely an experience I won’t forget

My applications ran smoothly, everything was easily explained and I had no problems. Malissa always got back to me in a timely manner and was really helpful throughout the entire process.

I was met at the airport, I found the greeter immediately, who was very nice, and accommodating. We received an hour long orientation. It was very helpful because we were given maps of the city and were told the lay of the land.

I spent at least 40 hours/week at my placement. From day one they put me to work. It wasn’t just busy, useless work, but doing actual things pertaining to cases. For example, discovery for cases, sitting in and taking notes at trials, subpoenaing Garda officers, I also did filing and copying, as well as acting as a runner to different judicial buildings.

The best aspect was going to Four Courts almost every day. The reasons to go would be different depending on the day, ranging from documenting, and filing, or sitting in on trials. Garret Lally was my on-site supervisor and he was very helpful in getting me acclimated into the office, as well as suggesting fun places to visit in Ireland on the weekends.

I would start work at 9:30AM, write a memo or two for a case to stick in the file, then I would head down to Four Courts to get documents stamped and lodged, which could take up to a few hours depending if the lines are long. At 1:00 I would have an hour lunch break. After lunch, I would usually have to go around the corner to get affidavits notarized, or go somewhere else to get copies of certificates, or lodge documents up the street. During downtime I would read up on upcoming cases or be copying papers for evidence in trials. Once 5:00PM came around I’ll head to the post office to drop off the post and head to the registry. At 5:30PM the day was over and I would go back to my host house in Artane.

I stayed with a host family in a quiet suburb of Dublin that was only a ten minute walk from the train to get to where I worked. My room as well as the entire house was always clean, and I always felt safe. When I got to my host house, my host, Patricia Maher, gave me a big hug, and was very inviting. There was never a problem with accessibility, and she was very understanding and attentive. My host offered to show me around the first weekend and I went to the beach, and she showed me where I would be working along with showing me the city center of Dublin. One of her sons would also invite me to go to places such as South Dublin, and a few pubs. I never turned down the opportunity to explore.

I didn’t have much contact with our local coordinator, David, because I didn’t run into any problems while I was in Dublin, but he was very nice at the orientation, answered a few questions I had at orientation.

I am so glad that I applied to ELI. This was definitely an experience I won’t forget. It not only gave me a taste for the work that I want to do one day for a living, but also gave me the experience of living in a different country for six weeks. I loved living there so much that I plan on going back to Dublin within the next year, and would recommend ELI to anyone who is interested.