Duke Summer Program - Switzerland: Geneva
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Duke Summer Program - Switzerland: Geneva

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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DIG: The best Duke has to offer, in Switzerland

Duke in Geneva was an academically engaging experience that allowed for a unique look at the NGOs and supranational organizations in the heart of Geneva while simultaneously critically assessing their legitimacy and effectiveness in class. The program is very close knit and there is not a single participant who returns from DIG without thoroughly enjoying the program.

The International Business course is quite interesting and requires minimal work outside of class. The Political Philosophy class is certainly engaging and quite difficult. The professor is very set in his opinions. He is a brilliant individual but has a unique classroom style that doesn't mesh with all students. However, it is impossible to not learn a lot through the courses in the DIG program.

Living Situation:
Living in rooms in the Cite is quite nice but nothing in the pre departure materials adequately prepares you for how expensive living in Geneva is. Our program ended up cooking all our meals together to save money. The other residents at the Cite are often quite strange but generally ignore the DIG participants. The location is convenient and all of the participants figure out the transportation system quickly.

Cultural Immersion:
DIG immerses you in the NGO and supranational organizational culture of Geneva but it isn't designed as a cultural immersion program. If you want to immerse yourself in the french language or particular culture of Geneva, pick another program.

Program Administration:
Duke does a great job of preparing all participants to get to Geneva. In Geneva, the professors sometimes have logistical issues with field trips.