Dream Careers Program Opportunities

United States

New York Internship Program

Launch your career while still in college. Sign up for any of our internship programs in New York! But before diving into your first professional role, work closely with

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Multiple Countries

Top Fashion Internships Worldwide

Do you want a competitive fashion internship? Dream Careers offers custom internship placement at the top fashion companies in major cities such as New York City, London,...

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London Internship Program

Tailored internship placement, lifelong friendships, adventure-filled time abroad. These are just a few wonderful things waiting for you in London through our Internship

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United States

San Francisco Internships

There’s no better way to acquire professional experience and start building a successful career than to sign up for our internships in San Francisco! Whether you’re interested...

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United States

Chicago Internship Program

Get ahead in your career with this international internship opportunity offered by Dream Careers! Realize your professional aspirations in a city famous for its skyline punctuated...

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Hong Kong Internship Program

Acquire a head start in your career with a custom internship placement in Hong Kong! This is a lifetime opportunity to tap into your field of study with an excellent program...

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