Pulmunology Medical Clinical Insight Experience
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Pulmunology Medical Clinical Insight Experience

10.0 Overall Rating
10.0 Overall Rating
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Czech Republic: Prague

Program Summary

In our specialized center we provide prevention, diagnosis, treatment, assessment and research on disorders of the respiratory tracts. The members of our team also perform Lung Transplants. In addition to pulmonary treatment and diagnostic procedures such as biopsy of lungs, Mediastinoscopy, and we also deal with Lung Carcinoma (Resection Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Biological Treatment, and Immunotherapy).

Despite though you will observe many diagnosing methods and intensive work with the patients, the Pulmonology Specialty is also a surgical one. You will be able to witness small surgical performances. Within the morning doctor´s rounds you will visit the ICU where are the patients in severe conditions. You can see the specialty is truly wide, one day it will teach you how to work with laboratory or x-ray results, other day you meet many patients and next day you might be standing in the operating room. The specialty is the best one for you, if you wish to experience as many aspects ...

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10/ 10

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Pulmonology placement Prague = perfect!

Thoroughly recommend Czech Hospital Placements for your shadowing experience! I traveled to Prague with the company in July 2016 and I plan to go again next summer! My mentors Alzbeta and Ondrej gave me such a good insight into pulmonology while teaching me how to conduct the talk with the patient over difficult treatment and how to speak with his or her family. I really appreciated the study materials regarding pulmonology to be ready for the placement and to read about the types of treatment and examination methods. When it comes to free time, I can recommend you to go to DOX, the museum of contemporary Art! Ask the staff, they will give you their advice on what´s happening in the town, but Prague gets never boring anyway! :)

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