Pre-med and Nursing Internship in Cardiovascular Surgery
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Pre-med and Nursing Internship in Cardiovascular Surgery

10.0 Overall Rating
10.0 Overall Rating
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Czech Republic: Prague

Program Summary

At the center of cardiovascular surgery, we provide comprehensive care across the whole range of our specializations: Cardiac Surgery and Vascular Surgery.

Cardiosurgery is a specialty targeting a wide range of pathologies. As part of the treatments provided, we use various types of surgeries and approaches, according to the specific procedure. Vascular surgery is a branch of medicine focused on veins and arteries. The vascular issues we deal with include arterial occlusive disease, aneurysmal disease and blockages in the bloodstream.

Within the transplantation programs, 31 lung transplants have been performed via extracorporeal circulation. We have also collaborated on four heart transplants in patients with congenital heart disease at the Children´s Heart Center.

This surgical specialty allows you to be in close contact with the patients, before, during and after their surgery, you have to be determined to pursue this specialty and able to withstand all the demanding aspects of our work. You will ...

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10/ 10

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Recommend to everyone!

Amazing and mind blowing experience that I would recommend to anyone who wish to see the reality of cardiovascular surgery for himself. The second week I was shadowing the team in Cath lab, the mentoring team is really fabulous!

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