Intensive Nursing Internship in Urology
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Intensive Nursing Internship in Urology

9.0 Overall Rating
9.0 Overall Rating
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Czech Republic: Prague

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Urology is a discipline focused on dealing with the pathological conditions of the upper and lower urinary tract, male genital organs, and the adrenal glands. Our center is mainly focused on treatment of oncologic urology diseases. Our professionals provide more difficult classic or laparoscopic surgeries.

The Intensive Care Unit of Urology takes care of patients coming directly from operating rooms. They stay in our department until their health conditions improve and until they are ready to be transported to the standard ward department.

This specialty is a very demanding one, because we care for patients right after their kidney, bladder and prostate surgeries. It is a very difficult period of their treatment and therefore it is necessary that you are capable of working in an intense environment with patients in critical conditions. If you are an aspiring nurse who searches for working under pressure, choose this placement. As the spots are limited here, there will be only one student at a time. ...

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9/ 10

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Professional study program

My parents were really worried when I told them I would like to study with Czech Hospital Placements as we have never been to Europe or Czechia before. But Barbora, the program manager was very friendly and happy to explain everything in detail months before my trip started. Honestly, this was one of the best experiences I have ever had! I spent hours shadowing an ICU nurse Sandra, who works at the Urology ICU. I am sure I have now A LOT to talk about with interviewers. I have observed so many patients cases, while Sandra told me everything about their treatment and I could see her working with them everyday! I was really happy to be the only student with her as she had enough time to discuss with me all I wanted including my doubts about this career. I have truly learned information far beyond the classroom setting can offer. The hospital is so big and modern. Love nursing!
When it comes to free time, Prague castle is a MUST! You can basically see all Prague under you from the top. Close to the house there was a good Mexican restaurant and a beautiful café with a gallery. The perfect thing is that you are in the hospital within few minutes from the accommodation. So no wasted time. I really recommend this program for everyone who wants to become a nurse.

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