Internship Program in Argentina
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Internship Program in Argentina

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Treasured Experience, Miscommunicated Expectations

Upon reflecting on my internship experience in 2007 with then CDS International (now Cultural Vistas), I learned a great deal and grew significantly as a global citizen of this world. I'm very thankful for my experience as it helped me stand out as a graduate school applicant and it's a treasured experience I reflect on often. While I enjoyed my homestay, loved the neighborhood I lived in, and appreciate that I'm still connected to my coworkers, I would have enjoyed my program more if the cultural differences about my internship would have been made known upfront. I received a cultural orientation on site where it was clarified, but I wished I'd learned that before leaving. I was expecting to gain a great deal of hands-on experience while working full time, but I was eventually cut down to four hours/day, M-Th. It was clear I was the first intern to be with the organization as they didn't always have something for me to do and that was frustrating to navigate at times. Expectations are difficult to manage for both parties when in an intercultural environment, but being more clear about positions and responsibilities would make for a more meaningful and fulfilling experience, both in and out of the internship assignment.

  • Cultural Vistas responded to this review February 19, 2016 at 8:09 AM

    We appreciate your honest feedback. Whether left in a review here or within our post-program follow-up, we're always working to improve the experience of our participants.

    We are glad to hear you treasured your experience abroad.

    We're sorry that the expectations were not more clearly communicated at the onset of your program.

    A lot has changed (including our name!) in the last eight-plus years, including our partner on the ground in Argentina so we do believe that future participants can count on an internship that fits their career interests.