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Explore China While Living with a Host Family!

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10/ 10

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Cultural International Homestay has been a great discovery for me, I will stay in touch with CHI

I usually don't take the time to write reviews, but CHI definitely deserves it. I am very glad I discovered CHI.

CHI provide a unique and safe way to experience a country. Living with a local family opens up for experiences you would miss elsewhere. Staying in a country combined with living with a native family reveals so much more about a place, because you experience it through the eyes of the locals, rather than in a tourist or a traveller-bubble.

A central part of CHI program is tutoring english and culture exchange, this makes the bond with the family close. My impression is that this kind of program also attracts especially good and decent people from both sides, as the premise of the stay is honest contribution from both parties. It quickly transforms into a great friendship with the family.

Cultural International Homestay did a highly professional and thorough job matching me with a very good family in Beijing. The follow up has been good. I recommend CHI to my family and friends.

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World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation