Senior Content Development Manager
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Senior Content Development Manager


  • Business
  • Communications
  • Creative Writing
  • Development
  • International Relations
  • International Trade
  • Marketing, Advertising, & PR

Participation Guidelines

European, Canadian, South African, Australian, American, British and Irish Participants.

Cost in USD per week

Contact Provider for Cost Details

Experience Required



- Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, or IT engineering.
- Strong writing skills and an excellent understanding of technology (regardless of background education)
- 3-4 years of content development or management experience in a multilingual environment (in-house or agency are both okay)
- Native English speaker, with a strong grasp of grammar and controlled language
- Advanced Chinese speaking, reading, and writing skills
- Consultative selling: willingness to work with clients to identify areas of improvement
- Familiarity with localization processes, as well as the dynamic between source content development and localization
- Able to work independently and under pressure
- 4+ years of team management experience, with strong communication and conflict resolution skills
- Intimate familiarity with Microsoft Office

Preferred Skills:
- Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign (insofar as you can manage technical illustrators and DTP artists that use these tools)
- Strong understanding of IT, Telecom, and/or Consumer Appliance industries

Minimum Education


Application Procedures

  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Resume
  • Written Application