Volunteer in Morocco. A Life-Changing Experience Abroad!
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Volunteer in Morocco. A Life-Changing Experience Abroad!

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The Experience of a Lifetime (for the BUCKET LIST)!

Upon arriving in Rabat, Morocco, my experience of a lifetime began. We received a warm greeting from the Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Moroccan Team as soon as we walked into the Rabat Airport. They knew exactly who we were and we knew exactly who to look for because of all of the great pre-planning and communication that CCS facilitates prior to departure.

When we arrived at the Home Base, we met all of the other volunteers. They included families, single professionals, seniors, teenagers and college students – wow what a diverse group of volunteers to get to know and work with over the next two weeks!

The CCS Country Director and his team provided a very comprehensive orientation session, covering topics ranging from how to hail a taxi to sharing insight into the history of the Moroccan people and culture. After a great discussion about our volunteer assignments, we were off to explore – wow the people are so friendly and patient as I practice my French and Arabic!

I volunteered at both the Women’s Center where I taught English as well as the Children’s Hospital where I was privileged to interact with Moms, Dads and of course the beautiful children – what an amazing and fulfilling experience!
The volunteer program is serious. The staff and children are dependent upon your being there every day. I truly felt like I was making a difference each and every day.

In addition to volunteering, each day we experienced a new and different part of Moroccan culture – cooking lessons, dance, the Medina, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Chellah, and the Royal Palace. Such a rich history to learn about – lots to see and learn about in Rabat! Every day we also had free, vacation time and there was a great deal to explore in Rabat. I went to the Riad and experienced a Moroccan Hammam, which is similar to a Turkish bath – what a treat!

We also had the opportunity to travel on the weekends to other cities and places throughout the country of Morocco. Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fez and my favorite, Merzouga where we rode camels and slept in Berber tents in the middle of the desert.

The CCS team was highly professional and knowledgeable. They taught us so much about their country, created an environment of fun and teamwork, and ensured that our needs were met. The food was simply delicious. We had amazing cooks for breakfast, lunch and dinner each and every day!

The CCS experience provides you with a unique opportunity to volunteer and make a real difference. It creates a unique opportunity for you to grow as a person and discover new talents! The CCS model provides you with an amazing opportunity to also vacation, learn and see so much of the country. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and should be on everyone's "bucket" list!

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