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Volunteer Abroad in one of 8 Countries for 1-12 Weeks

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Gateway experience for aspiring global citizens

As someone with years of work experience and a keen interest in international affairs, I was looking for a unique placement opportunity, something that felt more tailored to my interests. I wanted to do international volunteer work around, but I also understood that to go abroad was as much about changing and reshaping my own points and of view and cultural awareness as it was about my hopes and dreams about making an impact in another country.

Cross-Cultural Solutions fit the bill perfectly!

So inspired from my first CCS experience that I went on to do my second! I was placed first in Thailand for one month in 2011 where I helped write and organize content for an English-language website for an NGO) then, most recently, in India for 5 weeks where I taught English at a women's empowerment center in Dharamsala.

What's perfect about Cross-Cultural Solutions is the attention to detail they place around all aspects of your volunteer abroad experience.

First, CCS really takes time and effort to learn who you are -- your background, your interests, your goals and aspirations. Then, they go through a process to try and match your strengths with the needs in the country of your choosing (CCS offers programs in 10 countries with more in the planning stages).

Once in the country, there's attention to detail paid to every aspect of your experience -- from the living arrangements, to the learning opportunities, to the language study, to the cultural activities. There are regular meetings with staff where your feedback is not only encouraged but regarded as vitally important for the continuous improvement of the program. We were required to keep a journal of our work and encouraged to set goals for ourselves and track those goals in a structured and rigorous way.

What's most special about CCS is the unique opportunity it presents to the learn the powerful lessons of living and making a lasting impact as global citizens today. I ended up learning far more from the locals than I ever imagined. The true gift is how this learning helped me cultivate a far deeper, first-hand understanding of the world beyond the borders of my home, that on so many levels, the world shares the same needs and gifts of understanding.

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