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Tourism & Hospitality Internships in Barcelona

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Summer 2015 Internship in Barcelona!

I seriously had the best summer ever this year and it’s all down to these guys! When the idea of an internship in Barcelona appears in your mind, it’s crazy but so overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Not only did Lea find me a great internship, she was always on hand with advice on housing, expenses and of course some pretty cool things to do with my time in Barcelona!

Connect-123 managed to find me a marketing internship at a crazy travel company, where I met and worked with the best people and even got to experience the infamous Tomatina. Marketing wasn’t really an area I had ever considered before as a psychology student, but I still managed to learn so much in my short time there.

Barcelona is an amazing place, I visited on a day trip last year and by the time I left I had said to myself “I need to move here”. It’s so much more than just the tourist areas, there’s so much going on and it’s the sort of place you could just happily walk around all day getting lost down side streets. All the neighbourhoods have their own style and it really is a unique sort of place.

If you're considering it, the one piece of advice I would give is just go for it! I'm so so happy that I did.