Environment & Sustainable Development Internships
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Environment & Sustainable Development Internships

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Environmental Science/Engineering Internship in Dublin

"What to say about my experience in Dublin? Honestly, I was scared to write this testimonial because it isn't possible to convey in words how magical my summer was.
Upon my arrival in Dublin, I was nervous: what would my roommates be like? Would my job be hard? Too easy? How is the food? Would I get homesick?-- All of the questions you'd imagine having in a new country, I had.
My worries quickly vanished. The people I met while living at UCD accommodation are now some of my dearest friends. We explored together, ate together, drank together, and laughed together every single day. Being in a foreign city can be intimidating, but when you're surrounded by people going through the same experience, strong bonds form and nothing is scary anymore.
My internship connected me with people from around the world, and everyone was very welcoming. I walked through one of the world's most beautiful universities every day, and I worked on science that I was truly interested in. It gave me valuable work experience that now feeds my success back at school.
The community I joined when I embarked on my Connect-123 journey is a community of adventure. When adventurous people come together, lasting friendships are sure to be made. That is exactly what happened for me.
Dublin will always hold a special, golden place in my heart.”