Design, Film & Photography Internships
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Design, Film & Photography Internships

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9/ 10

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My Dublin Experience

I could not have asked for a better experience in Dublin. Liat was more than helpful upon arrival. I was placed in a house with a couple other Connect 123 people along with housemates from all over the world. We all got to learn about each other’s home countries. My housemates were my best friends throughout my stay!

Liat provided opportunities to meet up with other Connect 123 students during the time I was there. We always enjoyed that because we got to share each other’s work, travel, and social experiences in Ireland.

My internship was incredible. I really enjoyed my coworkers and my boss. They were willing to help me learn more about PR and Marketing within their industry. I learned more than I could have imagined. It was an amazing experience to see the Irish culture within a business. I loved learning the differences between American and Irish business/marketing.

Liat was always very helpful when we wanted to take a day trip or any sort of trip within Ireland. Traveling all around Ireland was stunning. My housemates and I were very impressed by the sites. Each city we visited was very different, and it was interesting to see that within such a small country.

Can’t wait to go back!