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Community Service & Human Rights Volunteer Programs

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I lived

Once I knew I'd be studying and working abroad in Buenos Aires, I began to envision my time there. I pictured a relaxing summer vacation of sight-seeing and having fun. After three months of living here I can say that my experience has been completely different than what I had imagined.

Living 'on my own' in a different country was challenging. I had to worry about buying groceries, cooking, protecting myself, navigating a huge city, taking my laundry down the street, budgeting my expenses and being successful at my internship. Managing all these responsibilities was tiring, but definitely doable. After a while, my daily routine became second nature.

Whether it was going to a live drawing/jazz event, staying up until 7 am at a boliche, charlando with my colleagues at work, or eating some of the best steak of my life, I began to experience all the great things Buenos Aires had to offer.

My time abroad was not always relaxing and tranquil like I had expected it to be. Instead, it was better because I actually lived in Buenos Aires. I experienced the day-to-day ups and downs- something that would go unnoticed if I was just a tourist. I got to know the sounds, smells, and people of this beautiful city, which allowed me to make the most of this experience.