Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship Internships in Dublin
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Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship Internships in Dublin

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My Connect 123 journey

My name is John Lisella and this is my Connect 123 story. I was a 21 year old college student who had just made the difficult decision to discontinue playing Division 1 football at my university due to certain health concerns. I was ready to move forward and leave that chapter of my life behind.
With one semester left in college, it was the first time in my life I felt unprepared to graduate and enter the real world. I was lost, walking through the hallways concerned about my future when a paper on one of our business school bulletin boards caught my eye with the caption “Interested in Traveling Abroad?” After attending the meeting I was introduced to Connect 123.
Connect 123 has opened doors up for me that I never would have thought imaginable. As a young college student who wanted to find himself and experience life away from home, They provided me with an opportunity and memories that will last me a life-time. Not only do they connect you with businesses and organizations that fit your needs and abilities, but they walk through each step and help give you an understanding of the people you will be working with, and what your job entails. I am grateful for my experience working for the Company in Dublin, Ireland, the many friendships and business experiences I was able to take away from my internship.
The thing I am most thankful for that Connect 123 helped me with was developing friendships during that time that will last a lifetime. Through the organization our 2017 summer group in Dublin were some of the most fun courageous and unique people I have ever met in my life. From hiking and exploring the countryside to drinking pints and dancing in the city, I thank Nikki, the Dublin program coordinator, and the team at Connect 123 for allowing myself and many others to experience the time of our lives in Dublin, Ireland.
When I returned to the United States I was able to visit a friend in Washington D.C that I met during my study abroad and I still stay in touch with many of my summer friends on social media. The short and sweet summer trip has inspired me to follow my dreams and that you should always chase your passions. I am currently Coaching American football In Roma, Italy and living with an amazing host family while studying the language. I would not be where I am at today without going to that first abroad meeting when I first learned about Connect 123. They should change the company to “Connect Unlimited” Because truly, your connections and experiences you may receive have unlimited value. Ciao – John Lisella