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Interning Abroad in Cape Town with Connect 123

Living in South Africa on a budget is super easy because of the exchange rate (with the Canadian dollar atleast!). I could do everything I wanted to plus more, all while staying within my budget.

The work experience I got through Connect 123 was incredible. I worked for a social enterprise called Greenpop and got to work on many different aspects of the company including general office administration, marketing, social media outreach, research, and client liaison. Having it on my resume has already opened so many doors for me, and is always a great topic of conversation which potential employers.

The living situation as also pretty great. Although some apartments are nicer than others, it's so easy to meet others who are participating in the program when you all live in the same building. I met some of my best friends there whom I still talk to every day, and we all got to live in the same building together! It was ideal to say the least.

The staff of Connect 123 was good for the most part, besides having to switch apartments due to 'booking times' which many people who stay there for 2+ months have to do, they were great to deal with and helped make life pretty easy. Pick up from the airport was arranged; they met with you one-on-one at the beginning, middle, and end of your trip; and social events and activities were hosted by them at least once a week. All of them were also fairly young professionals who shared a passion for travelling and exploring just like the program participants did.

Overall I would 100% suggest going with Connect 123 for an internship abroad. They helped facilitate the trip of a life time for me. Even more so, I would suggest the city of Cape Town for any traveller; young, old, budget or no budget. It has everything you could ever want from a city and it is a place that truly holds my heart!