Intensive Internship Experience in Barcelona
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Intensive Internship Experience in Barcelona

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8/ 10

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A Fun Experience

Rather than write paragraphs about the experience, I am just going to divide the experience into two lists:

Things I liked:
*An internship is much less stressful than a 'study abroad' internship because you don't bring work home with you. This means that you are free to do whatever outside of work hours, and on weekends.
*There were many planned cultural and social events planned by CISAbroad, but they were purely optional, meaning you could take advantage of them or do something else if you'd prefer. Of the ones I took part in, the weekend trips and the cooking class were the most fun.
*It varied by person, but the housing that I was placed in was probably in the best location we could have been in. It was in the middle of a tourist-y area so most of the restaurants and such spoke English.
*Staff members were always available if there was every an issue of any kind.
*My school (UT Austin) had several dozen students in the program, and all the guys were placed in the same apartment complex, so there was never a time where I felt I did not have someone to do things with. (this didn't seem to be true for the girls, and most other schools didn't have enough students in the same program for this to matter)

Things I didn't like:
*The weekend trips that required extra payment. While they were fun - I felt as though the prices they charged were somewhat high compared to going to those places on your own, especially considering the price of the program itself.
*I felt like the program was not very specific on what I should bring with me. I was unsure on whether I would need to bring towels or bedding with me.
*This is an issue specific to the country, but I had trouble adjusting to a lack of A/C