CIEE Diplomacy & Political Studies in Amman, Jordan

CIEE Diplomacy & Political Studies in Amman, Jordan

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Amman, or where I learned to relax and live off of falafels and fun

This program is perfect for anyone who wants to 1) improve arabic 2) prefers a smaller study abroad program (think 18-25 students) and 3) has the motivation to seek out cultural immersion on his/her own.

The program is not set in a university setting, which is why #3 is important. There are also no homestay options because of internship opportunity (not mandatory--but I'd recommend it), which takes up time from your day. The apartment living is fabulous and having your own room is definitely a bonus.

Unlike the other ciee programs, this one has particular focus on policy and diplomacy along with language. It is work intensive, but everything you learn has a purpose. All professors are helpful and always willing to answer questions.

The cultural life is great. Not a typical Barcelona, London or Paris experience however. Dress is modest for women, unless you want unsolicited attention. Clubs and bars are few, but all fun. Alcohol is expensive and more people drink than you'd think in a muslim country. The food is delicious--try everything

Amazing professors. Lots of work in Arabic and you definitely will improve! The more work you put into the language courses, the more you will get out of those courses. Elective classes can be hit or miss (most likely hit) and "CORE" class is interesting for sight visits, but the work is annoying

Living Situation:
This program does not have a homestay option, which I enjoyed. The apartments are amazing and you get your own room. The downsides of living anywhere in Jordan are that the winters are cold and it takes a long time to heat up hot water. The downside is that you are not allowed to have guests over after 10 pm, but it is better than having an early curfew at a homestay.

Cultural Immersion:
The more outgoing you are, the more you will get out of the experience. Make friends with locals!!