Study Mandarin in Fudan University
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Study Mandarin in Fudan University

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Studying Chinese Language in the Most Gorgeous city, Shanghai with CHina Internship Placements

Time and time again I kept getting the urge to finally go to China and get a different experience from my normal routine. Having a little bit of a background in Mandarin, my trip to China was long overdue! Browsing through some language programs based in China, I came across China Internship Placements (CIP) and quickly decided that I would go through their services i.e. coordinating my needs with a preferable university in China and arranging everything on my behalf.
The best way to enter should probably be through a comprehensive program

Fudan University soon became the number one choice for me. Classes began soon after registration and the pace of learning was definitely not what I was used to before. Back at home, sentence structures and phrases that would take me at least a month to fully master, at Fudan University it was just a week’s task. Although in the beginning I felt a bit overwhelmed, after a while, though, things got much better and I adjusted comfortably. One thing I am still reeling about even now is the amount of homework that the Chinese teachers assigned! Now I understand why they say at least six months of serious Mandarin/ Chinese study will lead to accelerated results.

I had different teachers for each aspect of Chinese study: listening, speaking, reading and comprehensive Chinese. I particularly enjoyed the speaking lessons as they were about group work and small oral presentations in a class of approximately 15 people. It was fun interacting with my classmates coming from different countries, yet all trying our best to communicate in Chinese. One important tip that was surprisingly effective for me was surrounding myself with friends whose English wasn’t so good, this was good in that we were forced to communicate in Chinese and practice everything we learnt. The good thing about Fudan University is that they will place you in a class of people who have a similar Chinese ability to you. Learning was fun, interactive and it’s relatively simple to feel motivated if everyone around you is also determined.

One thing I must mention though is the culture shock. Coming from a western country, nothing about China is familiar at first sight. For me, the food took some time to adjust to but after going through my own mini “trial & error” I had a few favorites such as “gong bao ji ding” - chicken mixed with peanuts, spring onion and a type of sauce, usually eaten with rice.

My experience studying Chinese at Fudan University was really positive; the help I got through China Internship Placements (CIP) also left me satisfied and I’m definitely going to continue studying Chinese even back home.
Overall, the program was properly organized.