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Chinese Language at Beijing Language and Cultural University

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My Greatest Study Abroad Mission

They say Beijing Language and Culture University is a small United Nations. What ever could that mean I used to wonder, and then I found myself at this university; “BLCU” as it is commonly known.
I decided to study Abroad because I wanted to experience the world. As my parents agreed to this, the next thing was to pack and go. CIP was perfect at creating the opportunity as their program component and delivery was just what I expected.

BLCU is one of China’s most renowned language universities, specializing in teaching Chinese to foreigners. On arrival at BLCU, it seemed to be a melting point of several different nationalities with one single purpose: to study Mandarin/ Chinese and better understand Chinese culture. My first few days there, I met other students coming from European countries, the Americas, Africa, Asia and some other Pacific islanders whose countries I have to admit I had been unaware of previously. On every corner you turn to, or any campus avenue you walk on, you hear a melody of different languages; besides Chinese, I think it’s safe to say Russian also made quite an impression on me! This is when I finally got the “United Nations” joke!

I chose to do the Standard Mandarin Chinese classes at BLCU and I went through China Internship Placements (CIP) as an agency to get a placement at the university. At BLCU, the class size is on average between 10-20 students, which I thought was decent enough. The one thing that impressed me the most was the fact that you study with people who have the same level of Chinese proficiency as you. On arrival, they let you take a little test to determine what level you have and make the necessary placement for you. I was very satisfied with this. I came to China barely able to carry a conversation in Chinese, my grammar was all over the place, and my sentence structures actually had no structure at all! After a month I slowly started noticing some improvement. The best thing was when I realized I could chat with taxi drivers; I even started looking forward to going to the small corner shop next to my building and chatting with the owner!

Because I had chosen to have standard classes, mornings were formal class study and afternoons were free. Occasionally the university organized an outing to the Great Wall; afterall, they say you haven’t really been to China unless you climb the Great Wall. China Internship Placements (CIP) is the organization that helped me get to China and assisted me with all the preparation and even registration on my first day. It definitely was very helpful especially to somebody like me who had previously never been to China at all. Occasionally, China Internship Placements (CIP) too also had some weekend activities planned that I was welcome to attend. My only wish is that those activities be different to what is already offered at BLCU, just so that there’s more variety.

When I got to China, I was well received by a representative from the China Internship Placements (CIP) organization, starting from the airport pick-up and getting settled at BLCU. I have to admit; I really enjoyed my time there and learning about the Chinese culture. I made lots of friends whom I hope to keep in touch with, I think sometime in the near future I will travel to China again.
If you want to study Abroad in China, I will recommend CIP 100%