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Dentistry and Oral Health in Quito, Ecuador

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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My Ecuadorain Experience

This program was INCREDIBLE. My only regret is not doing the month long Dentistry and Oral Health program. The doctors were very knowledgeable and very kind. For two weeks, I went to the IESS, a government owned dental clinic in central Quito. I assisted in many filling, prophylaxis, and impressions. I was most excited about assisting Dr. Cano, the Maxillofacial surgeon, in wisdom teeth extraction. Yes, there was a lot of blood, but I've never seen a procedure like this one. I was actually able to see the mandibular bone! I miss every doctor and assistant there, especially Dr. Herrera. I worked closely with her and her dental assistant, Gloria, each day. They were always very welcoming and taught me a lot of dental vocabulary.

My weekend trip to Banos, Ecuador was so much fun. The town was small, but it is what I liked most about it. We took a tour on a chiva bus to all the water falls, which is what the town is famous for. Each had its own unique history and story, and all were very magical to watch. The view of the Andes mountain in this town was breath taking, and I only hope to return again some day.

I highly recommend this program for any feature dentists wanting to not only learn about dentistry in Ecuador from local experts, but also explore a beautiful country during weekend trip opportunities.