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Wilderness Guest Ranch Internships

An internship with Chilcotin Holidays opens the door to new possibilities in your studies, your career, and your life. For over 20 years, we have improved and redifined our...

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Ranch Hand: Internship in Canada

Chilcotin Holidays is looking for a ranch hand, an internship position that involves numerous tasks like feeding and tending to horses, operating and maintaining farm machinery...

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Wilderness Guide Training

Training by a Licensed Guide Outfitter, it is what makes the difference in the quality of the guide in Adventure Tourism. We have been training wilderness guides since 1990....

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ESL with Chilcotin Holidays

Chilcotin Holidays' ESL course is designed to improve communication skills that most often take second seat to grammar lessons. Instead of being the mainstay of the program,...

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2 / 10

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Prepare to work hard and follow procedures

I was working as an intern at Chilcotin Holidays in March, but poor working conditions and prior agreements not being met, made me leave early. Prior to my arrival I had a contact saying I should do a forestry management internship, but upon arrival I was told to work with office administration and if I wanted to work with forestry, I could do it in my spare time. On top of this I was working from 10 am-8 pm and expected to standby on my days off. The accommodation is very basic and in the summer months you stay in old tents. I would not recommend going to Chilcotin if you don’t have a burning desire to become a horseback guide. It’s all about the horses! Make sure you have your agreements set before arrival and prepare to work hard and long hours everyday.

Program: Wilderness Guest Ranch Internships