CIEF: Semestral Courses
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CIEF: Semestral Courses

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One of the Best-Kept Secrets of France

I will start by saying that Dijon, France, was perfect for me, despite some negative reviews by some study abroad students that had done CIEF at UB before me. They said there was nothing to do and that it was hot and humid all summer. They must have stayed in their dorms the entire time. The city was the perfect size: so easy to get to know yet with all of the beautiful architecture that could rival even that of Paris. Even though I didn't live with a family, there were so many nice locals. They wanted to know why I was in Dijon, and they were not the stereotypical rude type. Last but not least, the CIEF program is amazing. There are seven levels of French instruction, one of which you will successfully test into based on your skill level! I was challenged by my program and forced to improve, which is what study abroad is all about! I made great friends there from all over the world that I am still in contact with one year later. Dijon is also in the heart of Europe, so it's basically equidistant between a a lot of the big travel destinations like London, Barcelona, Venice, and Prague. If you want a challenging program that will improve your French, allow you to get to know a perfectly-sized and full-of-character French city, then CIEF is for you!