International Business and Global Citizenship

by Center for Global Education & Experience, Augsburg University

We emphasize success in business, while also encouraging a commitment to corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and equality by exposing you to both the opportunities and challenges of international business.

Students will learn about the important role that Mexico plays in the United States in relation to import/export issues, why Mexico is front and center in debates about globalization, diverse understanding of corporate responsibility, and cultural similarities and differences in business practices in Mexico and the United States. There is no Spanish language prerequisite for admission to the program, coursework is in English (for those wishing to complete an internship, we do require two semesters of college-level Spanish).

In addition to business courses, students may mix and match three or four courses from our other program “Crossing Borders” including: Spanish, women’s studies, a Latin Dance for fitness credit, art, and religion.

Housing is a mix of host family stays and student center living. Internships and fieldwork placements are available!

Program Highlights

Included excursions to cultural and historical landmarks around Central Mexico.

Seminars and homestays in rural indigenous communities to learn about the struggles, spirituality, and cosmovision of contemporary Mexican indigenous people.

Short seminar in Mexico City, where students meet with government representatives, business leaders, elected officials, and prominent spokespeople.

Host family stays to enhance your cultural learning.

Specialized "Spanish for business" course available to business majors interested in further working with Latin America in their future career.

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Program Details

  • Open to All Ages
  • Contact Provider for Cost Details
  • Yes
  • Mexico: Cuernavaca

  • Subjects & Courses


    International Business


    Marketing, Advertising, & PR


  • Year(s) Offered


    Terms Available


  • Open to All Ages

  • Worldwide

  • Contact Provider for Cost Details

  • Tuition, room and board, meals, medical/emergency insurance, regional travel and all other program costs.

  • Group living


  • Experience Required


  • Essay

    Online Application



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