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Volunteer in a Childcare Community Center in Mexico

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Amazing experience

Everything about volunteering with Casa de los Angeles exceeded my expectations. The communication before hand was always very helpful, with quick responses and all of the information I would need. I was greeted at the house by the volunteer coordinator on the day I arrived. The house is beautiful and only a year old. Coming to Mexico you never know what your living conditions will be so I was seriously impressed with the volunteer accommodations. There is a full kitchen, beautiful bedrooms, patios off of every room and a rooftop over looking San Miguel with a beautiful view. The orientation of the daycare on my first day was very thorough with us meeting every teacher and seeing every classroom. The food is great. Everything runs so organized. Each week you are assigned to a different classroom. All of the teachers are so nice and the kids are so cute. You know that you are helping a really good organization and making a difference because without the daycare these kids would likely be being cared for by a friend or family member and not getting the same education, stimulation, or socialization that they are here at the daycare. Also they get served very good meals here. Without the volunteers the teachers have a much more difficult job taking care of up to ten kids in a classroom. Therefore you know you are making a difference. Also living in the house you get to share a living space with other like minded volunteers and you meet and make relationships with people from all over the world which is really cool. The social life of the house is awesome. The entire daycare is a tight knit community and I would recommend this experience to anyone who loves Mexico and children!!