Costa Rica & Nicaragua Spanish and Soccer
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Costa Rica & Nicaragua Spanish and Soccer

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Had a blast being immersed in Costa Rica and Nicaragua!

This summer i attended the Costa Rica and Nicaragua Spanish Immersion through Broadreach. I had a blast on this trip laerning a new culture and becoming more familiar with speaking spanish. I began the trip rafting, then a home stay in the river valley of Orosi where i spent time getting to know the locals and attending spanish school. i feel that i learned the most spanish when i was immersed around people who only spoke spanish, therefor i had to become comfortable with speaking a foreign language. The family was so nice and accommodating, we got along perfectly! in Nicaragua i also had a fantastic time doing rewarding charity work. Broadreach really planned a great trio because for every community service project or spanish lesson we had a fun activity like surfing, hiking, or zip lining! I 100% recommend this trip to any student who wants to better their speaking skills while also having fun in a culturally diverse environment!

Volunteer Experience:
I learned a lot in the home stay and talking to locals in Costa Rica/Nicaragua and my instructions were always there to help me when i asked questions or was curious about new spanish words around me, but I didn't feel as if the school in Orosi was as beneficial.

Living Situation:
The family I lived with in Orosi was very accommodating and they were kind! I had a lot of fun getting to know them and participating in their everyday activities. The family was always making sure all my needs were being met as i lived in their house.

Community Impact:
When i was interacting with the locals in these two beautiful countries was when i felt i was learning the most about their culture, they always had so much to share. My instructors were always pushing us to communicate, so i had a lot of fun interacting and being able to communicate with them in a language i wasn't as comfortable with before.

Program Administration:
My two instructors were fantastic! They were very educated about our lessons. They were constantly helping us and teaching us about the culture around us!