British Columbia Marine Mammal Studies
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British Columbia Marine Mammal Studies

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Once for a lifetime

Once for a lifetime is the only thing I can describe this program. Before I left, I thought it would be a very academic program with us going to actual classroom everyday and learn about marine mammals. But when I went there, I knew that I am completely wrong.
Personally, I have never camp before, I have never kayak before, I have never even got a blister before. That is how “prepared” I am for this 3 weeks. I cannot say that the living condition is great because it is not. We are living in tents half of the times with mosquito dancing in front of our eyes, but believe me, it is worth it. I cannot imagine anywhere else that I have been to that allow me to see whales swimming up and down in my tent or see seals and sea lions while we are learning about them. Nearly all of our classes are located on beaches, feeling the wind blowing our hair up, smell the salty ocean when we are absorbing incredible things of the lives that live in the ocean right in front of us.
This program gives us a lot of connection with the wild marine lives because we are sort of living with them instead of living with human itself. We kayaked to places that people cannot go to with other transport. The kayaking is tiring of course, we have to fight the current, we have to bear the cold but destination is never the most important thing in our journey, it is the journey itself. Kayak in the fog, without knowing where to go, kayak around island, watching sea stars search for food, kayak by large rocks, and scare sea lions into the water.
British Columbia is a place that all 10 of us had a strong bond to each other, we learned how to cooperate, how to help each other and how to understand each other. This kind of connection is not as simple as press the like button on facebook, but it has way more meaning. So if I have another chance to go to this program again, I will because everything I saw on this trip is once for a life time.