Belize Wilderness Emergency Medicine
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Belize Wilderness Emergency Medicine

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10/ 10

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A life changing experience

It has been the best summer of my life!
Whenever I recapitulated that month of my life, I just can smile and think about the amazing experiences we had.
I went on this program because I want to be a doctor so i thought that it would be very interesting learn more about medicine.
The best part was the WFR course, we all learnt a lot and enjoyed doing the scenarios. I also loved helping at the hospital with the doctors and nurses. We had the amazing opportunity to see 3 surgeries, two hysterectomies and one c-section.
I had the opportunity to make an amazing friends there that helped me with english because I'm from Spain.
The fact of being able to live this experience with them made us stroger and better people.
In only one month I developed such a strong bond with these people and they will always feel like family.
The leaders were amazing. They were always aware if we needed something. It was comforting to know that if you had any issue, they would help you.
Before the trip, I wasn't very sure if I wanted to study medicine, but now, I can confidently say that I want to spend the rest of my life helping people and being a doctor!
I would absolutely recommend this program because the friends you make and the different experiences you have are unforgettable.